Our Services

Strategic Land & Estate Management

We maximise your assets, help you take advantage of new opportunities and ensure you get the most out of your land with our expert advice and proven track record in bespoke property management services.

Planning & Development

At Meller Speakman, we benefit from a distinctive balance of Chartered Town Planners and Chartered Surveyors meaning we are able to offer to landowner clients the full range of planning and development advice.


We offer an extensive range of formal valuation reports, market appraisals to suit your requirements and expert advice to help you make informed decisions – all provided by our team of RICS Registered Valuers.

Land Sales

Whether it is whole farm disposal, sale of a paddock or a potential development site we can offer you invaluable advice on value and best methods for a successful sale.

Rural Professional Services

We help you protect all your interests with our dedicated rural professional services, including practical advice on lease negotiations, compulsory purchase projects, contract farming and expert witness requirements.